Services for Marine Renewable Energy

Offshore Wind Farms

• ASL supports offshore wind site assessment through measurement of currents and ecosystems sensors mounted on subsea moorings, unmanned platforms, and custom site-specific solutions. ASL also offers wave measurements through ADCPs or surface buoys, and sediment transport assessments.
• ASL specializes in the measurement of bottom currents used to drive 3-D hydrodynamic models, supporting installation, and mid-life maintenance of floating wind turbine anchors, array cables, and other subsea infrastructure. 
• Offshore wind is a clean, renewable alternative to fossil fuels and can be used to support green hydrogen production.
• There is great potential developing offshore fixed and floating windfarms in areas with abundant seasonal and perennial wind resources. 
• See details on biological oceanography studies using active acoustics measurement and AI-derived analyses

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Tidal Energy

• ASL drives innovation in tidal energy through flow measurement and transect surveys, supporting numerical model development.
• ASL has been involved in numerous site evaluation projects in areas such as Race Rocks, Victoria, and Campbell River.
• See details on biological oceanography studies using active acoustics measurement and AI-derived analyses
• There is great potential in Canada and the US in coastal areas with large tidal ranges with locally strong tidal currents.
• Offers an alternative to diesel electrical generation within indigenous communities, industrial operations, and fishing lodges.

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Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion 

• ASL supports thermal energy studies with water column physical oceanography assessments (CTD, currents), and offers flow measurement capacity for risers.
• Generating clean and reliable energy through utilizing temperature differences in water is an extremely promising field.
• Can provide continuous and uninterrupted power regardless of external and episodic conditions.
• Applications include water desalination for freshwater, support for aquaculture/marine research, and a reliable energy source for disaster relief efforts.

Wave Energy as a Resource

• ASL supports short and long-duration wave studies for wave power and energy projects through the measurement of wave parameters using surface-based buoys and ADCPs.    
• Multiple methods can extract wave energy, such as converting it into rotary motion and intercepting/redirecting the downward flow.
• Potential applications include energy generation, coastal protection, water desalination, and offshore power production.
• Ongoing research and development have begun reducing the high cost and technical challenges that have historically been preventing mainstream adaptation and is making wave energy far more practical.

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