Data Management

We are inundated with data and metadata. This is inherent in the environmental sciences as we often produce and use very large and multi-dimensional datasets. Consider the complexities of field measurement campaigns, desktop data processing and analysis, numerical modeling inputs and outputs, and technical reporting. Data and metadata are integral to all of these. Data management is the process of organizing and maintaining data and metadata from their origin and throughout their lifecycle. An effective data management system should enable and improve the archiving, discovery and dissemination of data within an organization.

At ASL Environmental Sciences we have implemented data management processes for the projects that we execute every day. We have invested in this internally as we understand the importance of data management to the success of our projects and organization. We now offer this service to other organizations who have the same challenges.

Our Team

The ASL staff is a balanced mix of environmental science and information technology professionals including

  • scientists
  • electrical and mechanical engineers
  • technicians
  • managers
  • web developers
  • software engineers
  • database administrators.

Having both the subject matter expertise and technological know-how means our team is well suited to understand your requirements and collaborate with you to design and build your data management system.

Our Technology

A web-based, fast and easy to use system for organizing and using your physical environmental data. 

The ASL Geoportal provides all the functionality necessary to organize and share your data and metadata amongst your project team and stakeholders

Main Features Search:

  • Multi-dimensional – data type, temporal, spatial, various other attributes
  • Saved search history


  • Interactive map
  • Interactive search result list
  • Data, reports, and multimedia project files


  • Full resolution time-series navigation
  • Statistical analysis of selected data segments
  • Univariate and bivariate distributions
  • Compare multiple datasets


  • Download datasets in original format
  • Download search results in GIS-compatible formats
  • Access all data directly from web browser
  • Other features


  • Authentication
  • Data access permissions
  • Encrypted data transmissions
  • Secure data center
  • Input sanitization and validation 

Ease of Use:

  • Single web page
  • Intuitive
  • Familiar functions
  • Automatically restores previous session
  • Numerous caching and compression techniques ensure responsiveness

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