Hydro-Electric Plants

Our Expertise

  • Successful flow surveys under difficult conditions.
  • Global experience in current-flow and water-property measurements for over 30 years.
  • Complete service packages including data collection and analysis, numerical modeling, field services and equipment leasing.
  • Competitive prices and extensive lease pool of oceanographic and hydraulic measurement instruments.

Forebay Circulation Studies

In 1993, Chelan P.U.D. Washington, U.S.A needed for flow data for the design of fish diversion screens. Data collection was complicated by magnetic disturbance caused by the proximity to the dam. Magnetic compasses used on most current-meter beams are unreliable when measurements are made close to dam walls and the associated power-generating infrastructure.

Our Solution:

  • Three-dimensional current surveys were quickly and efficiently performed and data collected within the forebay.
  • The results were used to verify model output.
  • This technique has been used subsequently by other investigators of near-dam flow conditions.

Fish Survival & Habitat

In 1996, Cominco Ltd., B.C., Canada needed to expand power generation capability at one of their plants. They needed to know whether this expansion would result in detrimental effects on the downstream habitat of sturgeon fish population levels.

Our Solution:

  • Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) provided comprehensive maps of the water circulation under varying discharge conditions.
  • Six separate flow surveys, under varying discharge conditions, were completed in three days.
  • Shortly after, three-dimensional velocity plots, quantifying the changes in the flow that could potentially affect the endangered sturgeon, were provided to the client.
  • The flow survey results were a key element in assessing the effects of the operation on the environment. On the basis of an environmental submission to government, Cominco were granted approval to proceed with their expansion.

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