ASL Mini Logger

The ASL Mini Logger gathers oceanographic sensor data and can be customized to suit your needs.  

The data can be stored locally on the logger or transmitted to shore in real-time. A shore station can then relay the data using various modem technologies to the cloud for access from the Internet. The shore station is usually configured to provide power to the logger. ASL supplies several options for shore stations including powering, modem antennas and other shore station infrastructure.

raft deployment exampleRaft deployment example. See press release.

Mini Logger Specifications

Data can be transmitted via underwater cable, radio modem, satellite and cell phone modem,
Low power electronics with battery back-up in cases of shore power interruption,
Supports up to 4 RS232 sensors with standard RS232, PakBus, Modbus, SDI-12, and DNP3 protocols,
Pulse count and analog inputs are also supported,
Available in an aluminum pressure case or
IP67 cabinet for buoys and rafts,
600 m depth rating on submersible model,
Supports multiple powering options
         Internal alkaline battery
         Shore power   

raft deployment exampleInternal components.

Supported Sensors

• CTDs (several vendors)
• WetLabs water quality monitors
• YSI 6000
• TRDI ADCP series of flowmeters
• Temperature sensor strings
• JFE-ALEC CLW Chlorophyll and Turbidity sensor
• Dissolved oxygen sensors
• Wave and tide Gauges
• Others upon request 

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