Biological Studies

What is hydroacoustics?

Hydroacoustics is a term used to define the study of biological and physical phenomena in the underwater environment using active acoustic devices such as echosounders. Our work combines the interconnected fields of physics, biology, oceanography, fisheries, signal processing, and marine resource management. Hydroacoustic approaches to biological studies offer high-resolution information on the abundance and distribution of organisms or physical phenomena in the water column.

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Split-beam sonar echogram


We conduct analyses on data collected with ASL’s flagship echosounder, the Acoustic Zooplankton Fish Profiler (AZFP). We also analyze data from other manufacturers including Simrad’s © EK Series of instruments (EK60, EK80, WBAT). This includes single and split-beam, multifrequency and broadband echosounders.

We will also work with data collected using any deployment style including mobile surveys, moorings, lowered platforms, and autonomous vehicles. Planning a survey? Contact us for advice on the right instrumentation for your study.


Software and Data Processing

Our team uses a range of the latest software tools to process your data. Our team uses Echoview hydroacoustic data processing software and builds customized workflows using R, Matlab, or Python. We will perform data QA/QC checks, identify and remove boundaries, de-noise, dB difference, identify and analyze targets, and more….

We strive to incorporate the latest and fastest tools and are implementing deep learning into our pipelines. We are happy to work with our clients to come up with an ideal solution.

Time Series

Scientific Reporting

We offer flexible approaches to scientific data reporting. Our team can deliver customized reports on fisheries and ecosystem surveys, environmental monitoring programs, write scientific manuscripts, comply with federal and regulatory guidelines, and conduct studies for offshore energy development.

We will apply the latest techniques in acoustic abundance estimation, time-series analysis, and statistical modelling.

With expertise in oceanography, fisheries science, and marine biology, our team can help with the following:

  • Designing your study
  • Finding the right instrumentation for your study site/area
  • Calibrations and field trials
  • Deployment and recovery
  • Statistical modelling, abundance estimation, target analysis
  • Scientific writing

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