Shallow Water Ice Profiler (SWIP)

An upward-looking sonar device, mounted on the lake/river/ocean floor to accurately measure ice draft in shallow water environments.
Technical Papers

The Shallow Water Ice Profiler (SWIP) is a real-time acoustic ice thickness measurement (ice draft) instrument for shallow water applications. The underwater components include a low-cost acoustic transducer, a tilt sensor, a high-precision pressure sensor and a temperature sensor, all providing suitably high resolution for shallow water measurements.

The instrument can be operated in an internal recording mode with a connection to an underwater battery pack for power, or with RS-422 serial output for real-time operation using an underwater cable which also allows for external power.

Shallow Water Ice Profiler (SWIP)

Operating frequency 542 kHz (or 235 kHz)
Half-beam width 3.0 degrees (or 5.5 deg)
Sampling rate up to 2 Hz
Range 20 m
Standard 8 GB Compact Flash
Optional 16 GB Compact Flash
40 Ahr, 200Ahr battery or external power options
Custom shore based data management system for SWIP and ADCP available
Mounting design assistance and equipment is available upon request
SWIP comes in a ruggedized shipping/storage case

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