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ASL offers products, services, and turnkey solutions that address a wide range of needs. Our customers and collaborators include academics, researchers, consulting companies, and representatives from a wide range of industries.
Oil and Gas

Offshore Oil and Gas

ASL's upward looking sonar has been used by industry to measuring ice-keel drafts. From this, estimates have been made of ice forces for the design of offshore platforms and operational planning.   
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Ports and Harbours

Ever increasing pressure to improve efficiency and achieve greater throughput means that ports and harbour authorities need all the help that they can get. (more ...)


ASL has a long history of working with the marine aquaculture industry. Current and wave measurements at fish farm sites go back to 2000 and have continued to the present.  (more ...)

Ice Research

ASL Environmental Sciences has developed a full complement of skills and specially designed instruments to study complex ice environments. (more ...)

Hydroelectric Plants

ASL AQFlow Inc.'s Acoustic Scintillation Flow Meter (ASFM) is globally recognized as a solution to the hydroelectric industry's toughest turbine flow measurement challenge.
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ASL offers hyperspectral exploration for minerals, acid mine drainage, and mine reclamation. We provide customized image analysis of satellite imagery from ASTER and HYPERION, as well as aerial surveys.(more ...)

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