Shallow Water Ice Profiler (SWIP)

Technical Papers

The Influence of Snow and Ice Albedo towards Improved Lake Ice Simulations. Robinson AL, Ariano SS, Brown LC. 2021. Hydrology, 8(1), 11.

An Investigation of Temperate Region Lake Ice Processes on Medium-sized Lakes in Central Ontario. Ariano SS and Brown LC. 2019. Hydrological Processes, 33 (18), 2434– 2448.

Estimating Lake Ice Thickness in Central Ontario. Murfitt J, Brown LC and Howell SEL. 2018. PLoS ONE 13(12): e0208519.

What is the Relative Importance of Frazil and Anchor Ice in a Freezing River and Do We Have the Measurement
Tools and Data to Answer that Question? (ResearchGate March 2017)

In Situ Anchor Ice, Frazil and River Ice Cover Development: Perspectives from Acoustic Profile Studies
(ResearchGate Jan 2017)

Laboratory Measurements of Acoustic Backscattering from Pseudo-Ice Particles (CRIPE 2013)

Analyses of 2011-2012 Four-Frequency Peace River AZFP Data (CRIPE 2013)

The Ice Regime of the Koksoak River at Kuujjuaq, Quebec: Formation and Consolidation Processes (CMOS 2012)

Seven Years of SWIPS Measurements, Applications and Development: Where, How and What Can the Technology Do for Us (CRIPE 2011)

A Comparison of Simulated and Measured Lake Ice Thickness using a Shallow Water Ice Profiler. (Hydrological Processes 2011)

Arctic Lake Monitoring System (AXYS Technologies poster including ASL SWIP, 2011)

Measurement of a Frazil Ice Thickness on Ice-covered River using SWIP (River technical papers, 16 June 2010)

Acoustic Detection of Ice and Water Velocities on the Peace River During the 2008–2009 Winter (Presented at IAHR 2010)

Progress in Shallow Water Ice Profiling Sonar (SWIPS) for River and Lake Ice Monitoring (Presented at IAHR 2010)

Frazil Monitoring by Multi-frequency Shallow Water Ice Profiling Sonar (SWIPS): Present Status (Presented at IAHR 2010)

Acoustic Detection and Study of Frazil Ice in a Freezing River during the 20072008 Winter (Presented at IAHR 2008)

Acoustic Detection and Study of Frazil Ice in a Freezing River during the 2004-2005 and 20052006 Winters (Presented at IAHR 2008)

Realtime Monitoring of Ice Thickness and Growth from Seafloor-mounted Upward-looking Sonar Instrumentation (POAC 2005)

Instrument for Detecting Freeze-up, Mid-Winter and Break-up Ice Processes in Rivers (13th Workshop on the Hydraulics of Ice Covered Rivers 2005)

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